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The "Scopelitis" provides the inhabitants of the Small Cyclades with everything they need: Food, money, medicine and sometimes sheep and chickens.


In the Intoxication of the Deep, a 1988 feature film by French director Luc Besson, is set on Amorgos and was so successful in France that it was shown in French cinemas for more than a year.

Paros, Jorgos

Jorgos, he has never been with a woman, he just always sees them, the women, down on the beach - tanned bodies, breasts, skin.

Kloster Longowarda

Männerkloster zwischen Parikia und Naoussa.

Tinos, the pilgrimage

A nun saw her in a dream, the Madonna in the flesh in 1823. She whispered to her where an icon was buried - indeed, the richly decorated work of art was found. Since then, people have been crawling to the icon.

Naxos, Manolis Glezos

On the night of 30-31 May 1941, Glezos tore the swastika flag from the Acropolis in Athens, the Nazi headquarters.

✝︎ 30. März 2020 in Athen


For many years, Ermoupolis was the summer home of Marcos Vamvakaris, one of the most famous musicians. Marcos was the soul of rembetiko, the melancholic music of the common people, which is about love, work and the pensive joy of everyday life.


The Romans already used the island as a place of exile and during the military junta, according to Amnesty International, up to 7000 prisoners were crammed here at any one time, including more than 200 women with small children.

Amorgos 2021

The Aegiali beach